Lending flow in an OCEN Enabled Transaction

I was hopeful of getting an answer on how exactly an OCEN lending Tx would be enabled (something similar to Setu’s explanatory articles on UPI).

  1. Who are the lenders going to be? If there are multiple lenders linked on an app, which of them will be selected for the final loan offering - or will all the offers be shown simultaneously?
  2. Say I am a truck driver and I want a quick loan for fuel fill-up at a petrol pump. How will you get any kind of data on my credit history as a lender? Will I be able to share this data explicitly with you at the point of payment? Is this the role the account aggregators will play?
  3. How exactly will collection be enforced for such small ticket amounts?
    Presently, all I can see on various articles on the net about OCEN is a bunch of high-level explanations but no granular break-down of how the process will work, what its economics will be, who are the current participants etc.
    Would be grateful for any answers!